Hall of Shame #3

Damaged backchecks

Hammer tails

This is an older Steinway A, not only did the rebuilder ruin its tone quality by replacing its original soundboard, but the poor job they did of roughing the hammer tails has ruined several backchecks. Hammers tails are supposed to be roughed slightly so they catch on the backchecks, instead this master technician (HA!) has cut huge gouges into the hammer tails, which not only ruin backchecks, but also don’t even work properly. Almost none of this piano’s hammers were even checking at all, and had to be properly roughed on top of the damage just to function. I recently replaced two damaged backchecks and others had been replaced previously, but the only permanent solution will be to discard these hammers, which are worn out anyway. Again, the piano owner payed a tremendous amount of money to people who had no clue what they were doing. This really makes my blood boil!


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